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Google Tez APK Mobile Payment App Download for Android

google tez apk

Google Tez Apk app is one of the best android mobile payment application. Now, you can enjoy the online transactions at more safe and secured manner. Now the smartphone users can link their bank accounts to their Google’s secure Google Tez APK app.

Google TEZ Apk allows you to pay for your shopping bills in a more secured manner than before. One of the best things about the Google TEZ app for android is that it allows you to transfer amount through ultrasonic sounds and Audio QR.

Google quotes in its information portal that one can spend their money in an easy manner and they can split their bills with the Google’s user-friendly Tez Application. Now, people see Google Tez apk app for android as the best alternative to the BHIM app in India and other payment applications like PhonePe.

The Main Idea behind Google TEZ application is that it wants to become to central part of how the transactions take place on day to day basis in people’s life. One of the interesting things about this application is that Google has induced some of the advanced technologies to transfer the cash – like Audio QR code and Ultrasonic sounds.

Now the online Google TEZ mobile payment application plays a crucial role in the transaction system of India, by integrating its services with the best online shopping portals, restaurants and many more transactional points. Google TEZ Apk makes the transaction more frictionless than before.

Tech Giant Google has officially released this application today and people started integrating it with their banking services. Google also quotes that the upcoming mobile phones in India come with the Google TEZ app for android preloaded.

Google confirms that the payments made through this UPI application would be free for the small merchants and consumers. You can check more UPI apps on Are You An Android

Google’s TEZ android application cannot be compared to PayTM, as the Paytm application is a mobile wallet where money can be stored whereas, in Google TEZ APK app, there is no such functionality present.

Google Tez application is more similar to Apple’s wallet where you can use the application to deduct the payments, by linking it to the bank accounts. As of now, it is pretty unclear that Google would charge for these transactions or not. We need to wait and watch for the future updates of the Google Tez App.

So, if you want to download the Google Tez Apk App for android, head on to the link provided here. Let us know your opinion about the Google Tez mobile payment app, in the comment section below.

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